CHXFX – Electric Creep 7″

A review is in from the wonderful Chris Hughes:

“Freeform linear chromatic tonal scales blip shift, dive, lock and settle onto plateaus of notched repetition then repeat whilst swerve pitching and adjusting the cadence creep. Hypnotic glitching glyphs and acute awkward scalar shape. Semaphore slumps and crackling lumens burst whilst tracking a monumental gravity static hum roll. Volumes crackle mass and decelerate, vibrated exponentially to a creased collapsing shifted moving point.
The delineated perforations of a possible half remembered memory . .
Beautiful monochrome artwork graphics and typefaces.
Clear lathe cut artefact of grooved sound.

Three copies left at

Don’t sleep.

Trancranial Targets LP up next from CHXFX:


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