Two Ragged Soldiers Now Available From Norman Records


…With a lovely review, too.

They make delicate sound collages that are both pretty and slightly discomforting. Opener ‘Asulya’ uses guitar feedback, piano twinkles and prettily plucked acoustic guitar to do its business before some exquisite strings come to the fore. It sounds like it’s soundtracking something or other.

Overleaf is another instrumental made out of droning accordion, strings and piano. It’s very foreboding but beautiful. I’m finding it hard to come of with a sane comparison but safe to say it’s perfectly crafted soundtrack type stuff.

Two Ragged Soldiers

The Two Ragged Soldiers single has now been released.

I’m incredibly excited about this one as it sounds amazing. Heart-stoppingly beautiful work from Sam and Ian on a beautiful red and blue splatter vinyl pressing.

Orders are up at

It should also be in the shops soon and a Q&A with the two of them is incoming on the Two Ragged Soldiers page.

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Tauchsieder – Herd The Shadows CiS001

The beautiful Tauchsieder records have now been officially released.

You can order at:

There’s a fantastic review from Simon Tucker over at Louder Than War: “Herd The Shadows is one of the greatest things I’ve heard this year and it’s going to take something special to knock it out of my top-ten-releases-of-the-year list.”

There’s also a lovely review here on the ever reliable Acid Ted blog:

Another great review at The Sunday Experience:

There’s a good review at Norman Records from the notoriously difficult to please Clinton:



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I asked cover photographer Patrick Ballanger exactly what technique he had used to get that wonderful effect on the sleeve image:

“The process stems from the 19th century. Relying on the hardening of a bichromated colloid under ultraviolet light under a negative. In the 1990s a variant of the process was discovered and called Gumoil. Oil paint would be rubbed on the colloid which then acted as a resist. An image could then be formed. I pushed the process further by not using a negative but by putting my paper straight in my large format camera for more than an hour to get an image.”

Castles in Space 002 Test Pressings Have Arrived.

The test pressings for CiS002, “Asulya/Water” by Two Ragged Soldiers have arrived and are out with the band for approval.

Sleeve proofs and inserts have also arrived today and it’s all looking and sounding brilliant.

This will be a 7″ on clear vinyl with “Reign in Blood” and “Aqua Marine” splatter. Lovely.

Pre-orders will be up on the bandcamp site soon.

The tracks can be heard on the Two Ragged Soldiers Soundcloud page.




“Herd The Shadows” by Tauchsieder. CiS001.

April the 28th is now confirmed at the release date for the brilliant tauchsieder single, “Herd The Shadows”. Castles in Space CiS001 is available in a limited edition of 300 copies only, on shadow splatter vinyl. All copies come with a free download card.

Digital only also available via the bandcamp site, where pre-orders will be available next week.


An early pre-release review is up at the brilliant blog, the sunday experience.