Tauchsieder – Herd The Shadows EP

Tauchsieder’s “Herd The Shadows” EP is still available to order from the Castles in Space bandcamp page. We are approaching the end of the run of this beautiful record, which once again garnered much interest and attention at the recent Independent Label Market on the 23rd July.

The 3 track vinyl 7″ is beautifully pressed on “shadow splatter” wax. It’s a limited edition, one time only pressing of 300 hand numbered copies.

It includes a download card and numbered insert.



Tauchsieder are Stuart McLean, Ben Hayes and Innes Smith. 

Herd The Shadows features vocals and additional production from Colin Newman.


Here’s a brief Q&A with the reluctant superstars.

Q1: Who are Tauschsieder?

Ben: Three people who should be old enough to know better by now.

Innes: Whoever Stuart & Ben let into their shack in the woods.  I’m just meat for their sound grinders. They’re terribly clever, but also very shy. Like Sentient Badgers.

Q2: How and when do you work together?

Stuart: After I made the “Instant Eno” plug in chain for Ableton in 2004/5 it led to the recording of (first album) “Quiet”. Everything is done on-line with us only ever meeting at The Dark Outside radio broadcasts.

Ben: How? By leaving things until the last second and then exchanging a flurry of sound files over the internet.  When? Not often.

Innes: That’s a really good question. I don’t know. I think of them as a Fertility Clinic and I occasionally deposit something with them. And then, I have no idea what happens next. The finished product appears and it’s still probably the milkman. Or the postman. I don’t think anybody knows. That’s the magic of Tauchsieder.

Q3: How did Colin Newman become involved?

Innes: Like the clergy, he got ‘the call’.

Stuart: Colin agreed after he challenged me to combine two Wire tracks to make a third.

Ben: Somehow he heard and liked our initial experiments back in 2005 or 2006 or whenever it was.  One thing led to another, as things very occasionally do.

Q4: Tell us about “Herd The Shadows”.

Stuart: It’s original title was “the length of a song by the band called Wire” at just over two minutes-ish – the title was terrible and Colin changed it accordingly.  It has no set tempo with the main noise being altered by changing from one resonator bank to another – the bass being played live over it.  It’s been remastered for vinyl especially for this Castles in Space release.

Ben: It’s a lost/forgotten/ignored/never heard of it classic from 2006.  Stuart did the noise.  I did the bass.  Colin did the vocal and lyrics.  Innes approved.  Konx-Om-Pax (Tom Scholefield) made a fantastic video clip for it.  The title is a cryptic clue to the lyric’s origins.

Q5: Tell us about (AA Side) “Moves Left”.

Ben: It’s a 2015 reworking of a lost/forgotten/ignored/never heard of it classic from 2006.  Stuart did the noise.  I re-did the bass, added the sequences, rhythm box and strange tape sounds.  Stuart added some radio FX and other fiddly bits.  Innes approved.  We might make a video clip for it, but no promises.  The title was an anagrammed cryptic clue to the lyric’s origins, but we removed one of the words from it, so it isn’t anymore.  And the lyric isn’t in it, anyway.

Q6: There’s more stuff already recorded.  What are the future plans for Tauschieder?

Ben: No future they say, but must it be that way?

Innes: Well, this I do know. We’re very probably going to probably do more. There’s been lots of talk about doing probably more, and we’re probably going to do that. I mean, I’ve got a guitar and everything. I might plug it in one day. And I can sing. But, well, we’ve got another few decades worth of procrastination left in us yet. There’s no need to rush things.

Stuart: There might be another FiniTribe Remix if we can finish it. Other than that we have no idea.