CHXFX – Transcranial Targets

Vinyl LP and Digital Download. Released by Castles in Space: 12/05/2017

We are living through difficult times. We need a soundtrack to help assist/resist the fight. CHXFX was prescient enough to foresee the turmoil. The Hellish world events that are being brought to our overloaded brains. Our sleepless nights. Our worries, frets and panics. However, we can resist. We can find a way through the madness. We can make the changes that need to be made, but we need a soundtrack. You have found it.

This album was released digitally for a week in 2015, and then got pulled. The blackness was not yet deep enough upon us. And then things got darker. It is now the time to unleash Transcranial Targets to the sensible, the knowledgable the optimistic. The heroes among us must stand up and be counted.

Only the brave may apply.

David Henson has a fantastic back catalogue. NOCHEXXX: Planet Bangs (Alien Jams) / PLOT DEFENDER (Type) and THRUSTERS (RAMP), but this is a lost document rescued from the electromines. A blow to the head that you may never recover from, but will return to again and again.

Deep from the Shire of Cambridge, the genius Dave cooks up the magic in his laboratory to which nobody is allowed access.

CHXFX is in the best way possible uncategorisable. He produces noises that reflect our lives today. It is the most modern take on BBC radiophonica that you will ever hear. Resonant and unbelievably current, it’s an alchemy all of his own making, but he’s not not letting any light in on it’s creation to the likes of us. David has a truly independent vision which he takes to the end of the line, but then brings us home again. Get on board. Wear a white lab coat.

This beautiful music, dystopian and urban/suburban in the extreme is complimented by some fantastic artwork by Zeke Clough. Once witnessed, you will know what the record sounds like. Electric Creeps stalk the land. They might be coming for you. Zeke and CHXFX took inspiration from a vision of a high temperature tropical hothouse concept of a post-asshole world in which the modified flora and fauna are attempting to build something from the ashes of a badly mauled planet.

The LP is pressed up in limited edition of 300 copies on orange splatter vinyl with an insert also designed by Zeke. All copies come with a digital download card.

Fast forward the future.

Look and listen to a specially prepared trailer for for the LP, created by CHXFX and Zeke here:

Released 12/05/2017.